Nord C2 Combo Organ - O Melhor Som de Órgão em um Único Equipamento

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Church on Sunday mornings, clubs on Saturday nights. The new Nord C2 Organ plays both places just right. 

Clavia has developed digitally modeled vintage organ models for over a decade, taking each new product version one step closer to perfection. With the introduction of the Nord C2, we raise the performance bar even a bit further with the addition of a baroque pipe organ section - this is the organ for others to compare against.


Nord C2 Organ - v1.32


B3 tonewheel
A clip that starts out with moderate Drive and finishes with a more dramatic Drive setting.

Pipe organ
3 progressions - the first on the Swell manual, starting with the Rohrflöte 8 stop, adding additional stops as we go along. Progression 2 is played on the Great manual, starting with the Gedackt 8 stop and adding stops one by one. Progression 3 also adds stops, using the bass pedals as well.

Transistor organ
A Farfisa medley that starts in a light circus style, travels through the dirty distorted 70´s and eventually ends up in a hotel lobby near you.

More examples further down. the Nord C2 Combo Organ (with OS version 1.2) were default settings with the following exceptions: 
Percussion Fast and Slow Decay: long 
Percussion Soft Level: high 
Tonewheel mode: Vintage 3 
Key Click Level: low 
Rotary Model: (the new C2 model based on a 145 unit) 
Stage Soft reverb and moderate Drive (typically a setting of 2

The pipe organ used default settings with Hall Soft reverb 

The pipe organ examples were performed by Johannes Landgren and the transistor organ examples were performed by Åke Danielson.

The Nord C2 is equipped with a beautiful baroque pipe organ. It has a total of 21 stops distributed across the Swell (9 stops) manual, the Great (9 stops) manual and the bass section (3 stops).


The B3 modeling in the C2 has reached new heights of excellence. The individual levels of the 91 modeled tonewheels and their impact on the output of each other when used together have been carefully tweaked. The C2 also includes a dirty tonewheel leakage model that hisses and spits in idle mode.


The essential key clicks and key release bursts have been modeled using brand new techniques. The click level can be adjusted and the key-release component has been specifically modeled to maximize the authenticity of the tonewheel organ sound.


The keyboard has a firm action to provide you with the rock solid feel of an original tonewheel instrument. An ultra fast response time comes with that.


Just plug in your mp3 or CD player to the C2 to be able to play along, rehearse or jam with previously recorded music without the need of an external mixer or sound system. The signal that is present at this input will be monitored through the C2’s headphone output.


The C2 treats the main left and right outputs as one group, separated from the Leslie 11-pin and High Level outputs. This provides total flexibility in the routing of the organ models.


This function allows you to dial in a new sound while still playing without any changes being heard. When you are ready, the new setting can be instantly activated.


The Nord Sound Manager is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to arrange and make backups of the programs.
These operations are done by simple drag and drop operations or from toolbar- or menu activated actions in the application. This application is available for free to Nord C2 owners, and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OSX.


The C2 Combo Organ is lightweight and portable, yet sturdy enough to cope with the rigors of the touring life. The total weight of this massive power box is only 15,5 kg (34 lb).

The Nord C2 Combo Organ includes B3 tonewheel organ, a Vox* Continental and a Farfisa* and a beautiful baroque pipe organ. This makes the C2 an extremely versatile instrument, providing not only rock organ players a new palette of sounds, but also the perfect instrument to use in churches, concert and congregation halls or any other venue where a high quality pipe organ instrument is paramount.

The Pipe Organ

From the golden age of organ building we have carefully chosen a baroque organ with a devastatingly beautiful sound and wide range of expression for the C2 pipe organ part. Using cutting edge sampling technique, no efforts have been spared in producing the richest and most varied sound palette for the pipe organ player.

The C2 pipe organ is built upon two basic types of organ pipes; flue pipesand reed pipes. The flue pipes have a softer timbre and the reed pipes a more nasal tone quality. For each keyboard division the player can choose from different sets of pipes, stops, to produce different timbres. The C2´s setup of stops make up a well-balanced blend of tonal qualities capable of expressing the most dramatic music to conveying the subtlest of organ pieces.

Prelude B minor/Pastoral F maj
Two excerpts from JS Bach: Prelude in B minor followed by Pastorale in f major, the later piece played on the Swell Manual with Spitzflöte 4.

Melody played on the Great manual with the Principal 8 and Trumpet 8 stops.

Moto Ostinato/Suite Gothique
An excerpt from Moto Ostinato by Petr Ebens followed by a part of Suite Gothique: Prière à Notre-Dame by L. Boëllmann

Stops and Couplers

In the pipe organ each manual has its own sound; the Great division being the part of the organ with the majestic sound, whereas the Swell has a more mellow tonal quality. The Couplers are used to activate combinations of different stops from both manuals, so that pressing keys on one manual also connects stops from the other manual or pedal, making them sound as well. The Pedal division has three bass stops, which the user can choose to play from the lower manual, by attaching the Nord Pedal Keys 27 (accessory), or by attaching a 30-note classic digital organ pedal (optional).


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