Mesa de som Behringer Eurodesk MX-3282 com 32 entradas e 8 auxiliares

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Condição do ProdutoNovo MarcaBehringer
Description Built for Eternity
A musician's life is marked by change: today a live appearance, tomorrow a demo production, the next day a live recording in the rehearsal room of a friend's band, then pre-production work for the next album and rehearsals for upcoming concerts. Actually, you should have 2 or 3 different consoles to handle all this stuff. But there are desks that fill all the requirements, yet take it easy on your bank account...

The MX3282A 8-bus offers truly professional quality with all the features you really need. In the research and development phase we consulted with musicians of all walks to come up with a concept that combines quality, sound, and flexibility. At Behringer, they've always considered uncompromising audio quality an absolute must for their consoles. That's how they managed to set a new standard in analog and digital signal processing in a matter of just a few years. Eurodesk consoles are born of long hours of hard work, total dedication to perfection, and the sum of their engineering team's extensive experience as professional sound engineers and musicians. The same exacting demands placed on signal processing quality are also applied to construction, circuit boards, and chassis, so that you can always rely on our products - even under the most demanding circumstances. Our Eurodesk model MX3282A is the proof.

Microphone Preamps for Big Sound
Servo-balanced ULN (Ultra-Low Noise) discrete microphone preamps, based on conjugate-pair high-current transistors, are one of the main reasons that Eurodesk's give you and your productions absolutely professional audio quality. Add extreme bandwidth (5 Hz to 100 kHz) and you get massive gain reserves as well as an excellent S/N ratio at all gain settings.

More Headroom than You'd Expect
Headroom is something you can never have too much of, especially during recording on mixdown. The combination of a generous external 19 power supply and impeccably designed signal paths ensures ample headroom in all situations. Need to record an orchestra performing an extremely dynamic piece? Don't worry use an Eurodesk!

We Send You
When you're mixing, you need as many aux sends as you can get. The Eurodesk MX3282A gives you 8 auxiliary paths per channel - more than almost any other console in its class. This generous number of aux sends gives you the flexibility you need to master just about any live or recording situation. On stage and in the studio, you need pre-fader sends for monitor mixes and post-fader sends to feed effect units. During mixdown, you can't get enough post-fader sends for your effects. So Behringer has written flexibility with capital letters: the Eurodesk MX3282A gives you 2 pre-fader sends (1 & 2), 2 post-fader sends (3 & 4), and 4 pre/post switchable sends (5 - 8).

Put It Where You Want It: Flexible Routing
The MX3282A is a true 8-bus console - a rarity in its class. This allows you to assign any combination of the 32 or 24 channels to any of the subgroups and control the sum level via a single subgroup fader. Simply choose the desired subgroup with one of the 3 or 5 ergonomically positioned BUS buttons. Each bus has a dedicated output, with which for example a multi-track machine can be fed and a SOLO button for pre-fader listening. In addition, each subgroup can optionally be routed to the main mix and panned.

Unbelievably Quiet - Compliments of Behringer(TM)'s ULN circuitry
Noise is always the major problem. With numerous signal sources, channel noise is summed to an all-too-noticeable noise carpet, especially disturbing in quiet passages. Thanks to the newly developed ULN (Ultra-Low Noise) circuitry, you hear music with an Eurodesk - not noise. Go ahead and use the numerous connection possibilities: you'll get transparent, crystal-clear results - without audible noise.

The EQ: Creative Sound Shaping for Your Music
Sound design is a major factor in any modern production. Behringer is aware of your high demands and give you an excellent tool in each mono channel. The super-musical 3-band EQ with its semi-parametric mid-band and sweep area of 100 Hz to 8 kHz allows you to fully realize your musical and audio ideas. You'll soon wonder how you ever managed without this unique, musical sound. The stereo channels give you 4 fixed frequency bands: 80 Hz, 500 Hz, 3 kHz, and 12 kHz. With a full 15 dB of boost or attenuation, there's nothing standing in the way of creative sound shaping.

The Low-Cut Filter: Clean it Up
A low-cut filter is a real problem-solver in many situations, enabling you to filter out low-frequency disturbances. That's why we integrated an extremely steep (18 dB/octave) filter at 75 Hz, which precisely removes low-frequency noise without robbing your sound of its warmth and richness.

Hear and be Heard: Talkback and Monitoring
Thanks to the integrated talkback microphone, you're constantly in touch with your artists - on stage or in the studio. The touch of a button sends your words to aux paths 1/2, 5/6, or 7/8. The Eurodesk features individual stereo level controls for headphones and control room, which are fed from the post-fader main mix. A source matrix allows you to choose the main mix, the 2-track return or the aux paths (phones), individually or in combination. The MONO button sums the left and right mix channels, enabling quick and easy phase coherence and mono compatibility checking. Last but not least, you get 2 headphone connectors.

And Hear Some More
Eurodesk's sport balanced stereo aux returns, two of which can be assigned to the subgroups. Each return features a SOLO button and a PAN pot.

Solo to Success
One of the most important functions during mixdown is the monitoring of individual signals for exact sound adjustment. The Eurodesk's solo function routes the channel's output signal to the solo bus and mutes all other sources. The solo signal is only present at the control room and phones outputs, so that you can access the solo function live or even during mixdown without affecting the main mix output. The solo function offers 2 modes: PFL (Pre-Fader Listening) for signal monitoring independent of fader position, and SOLO (solo-in-place), allowing you to monitor the post-fader signal. Directly below the SOLO button is a MUTE button with a status LED, for temporary channel muting.

It's Plain to See
With a multitude of channels and signal sources it can be difficult to keep your eye on things. We've given each channel a green LED for signal presence (-20 dB) and a red LED, which illuminates at +20 dB as a warning for impending overloading. This allows you to react quickly and effectively.

Outputs: Decisions, Decisions...
All mono channels, subgroups, and the main mix feature inserts, allowing external processors and other outboard gear or an external automation system to be connected. In addition, the inserts can be used to feed recording machines. The main L/R output, with its 2 high-quality 60-mm faders, sports XLR and 1/4 TRS connectors - balanced, of course. All other outputs, like subgroups, control room, and aux sends, are also balanced, giving them maximum level: +28 dBu on XLR and +22 dBu on 1/4 phone.

Built for Eternity
The super-sturdy steel chassis with its shell design and extra thick fiberglass circuit boards guarantee exceptional mechanical stability. Count on it: these desks will accompany you through hell and high water. In addition, we use horizontally mounted circuit boards, which mean less internal wiring, simplified construction, higher reliability, and excellent audio quality. Both Eurodesk's feature a BNC connector for a gooseneck lamp - an effective method of console illumination that has proven itself for years, especially in live situations. Extraordinary construction standards and excellent selected components guarantee you a long, reliable, and pleasant relationship with your Eurodesk.

Technical Info

Main Channel Strip
Mic input: electronically balanced, discrete input configuration

Mic: E.I.N. (22 Hz to 22 kHz) -129.0 dBu, 150 Ohms source

-117.3 dBqp, 150 Ohms source

-132.0 dBu, input shorted

-122.0 dBqp, input shorted

Distortion: (THD & N) 0.007 % at +4 dBu, 1 kHz, bandwidth 80 kHz

Gain: range +10 dB to +60 dB

Max. input: +12 dBu

Line input: electronically balanced

Gain range unity to +40 dB

Max. input: +22 dBu

Channel fader: range +10 dB to -85 dB / off

Aux send gain: range off to unity to +15 dB

Hi shelving: 12 kHz, +/- 15 dB, Q fixed at 2 oct.

Hi mid bell: (ch. 25 to 32) 3 kHz, +/- 15 dB, Q fixed at 2 oct.

Mid sweep: (ch. 1 to 24) 100 Hz to 8 kHz, +/- 15 dB, Q fixed at 2 oct.

Lo mid bell: (ch. 25 to 32) 500 Hz, +/- 15 dB, Q fixed at 2 oct.

Lo shelving: 80 Hz, +/- 15 dB, Q fixed at 2 oct.

Lo cut: (HPF) 75 Hz, 18 dB/oct.

Channel Insert
Max. in/out: +22 dBu

Channel to channel crosstalk: -95 dB @ 1 kHz

Subgroup Section
Noise: bus noise @ fader 0 dB:

-105.0 dBr (ref. +4 dBu)

-92.0 dBr (ref. +4 dBu, all input ch. assigned, unity gain, ch. muted)

-87.0 dBr (ref. +4 dBu, all input ch. assigned, unity gain)

Submaster output max.- out +22 dBu balanced/unbalanced

Fader range: +10 dB to -85 dB / off

Main Mix Section
Noise: bus noise @ fader 0 dB:

-102.0 dBr (ref. +4 dBu)

-92.0 dBr (ref. +4 dBu, all input ch. assigned, unity gain, ch. muted)

-94.5 dBr (ref. +4 dBu, all input ch. assigned, unity gain)

Max. output: +28 dBu balanced, +22 dBu unbalanced

Aux returns gain range off to unity to + 20 dB

Aux sends max. out +22 dBu

Distortion: (THD & N) 0.007 %, @ +4 dBu, 1 kHz, bandwidth 80 kHz

Frequency response: 20 Hz to 40 kHz, +/- 1 dB any input to any output

10 Hz to 120 kHz, +/- 3 dB

Power Supply
External power supply: 150 Watts, 19 (482.6 mm), 2 rack units, app. 7 kg

Dimensions: Height 55, 105mm (2.17, 4.1) x Width 1050mm (41.3) x Depth 530mm (20.9)

Weight: approximately 18 kg (without PSU)

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