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The SOLTON MS60 and MS50 keyboards are two fantastic newgeneration instruments, designed to meet the needs of musicians looking for high quality sounds combined with top level professional performance.

The potential of these two incredible instruments is practically unlimited, considering that they are able to load new sounds (PCM Voices, PCM Rhythm Grooves etc.) and new musical soft-ware (MIDI backing, Styles etc.) by means of the incorporated Disk Drive unit.

The technical characteristics of the two keyboards are identical, except that specially designed internal amplification has been included in the MS60 model.

61 velocity sensitive keys (4 Dynamic Curves) with Aftertouch, Modulation, Pitch Bend, Portamento, Global Transposer, Octave Down, Split,Arabic Scale.

The superb sound generation of the keyboards comprises 256 Orchestral Voices specially created with Multi-Synthesis Technology.

The sounds are sub-divided into 16 families according to General MIDI standards and can be selected from two separate banks.

The voices have been sampled using the very latest Pulse Code Modulation methods (PCM) to reproduce the natural feeling and playing techniques of each instrument.

The 256 Internal Voices of the keyboards can be edited by means of the Attack, Decay, Release, Cut Off, Resonance, Tune, Octave and Modulation parameters. The User Voices can be memorized in 128 internal memory locations or saved on Disk, and when in the PLAY mode perform in exactly the same way as the Standard Preset Voices, providing alternative sounds for the making of new Programs or Patterns/Styles.

The MS60 and MS50 are provided with 11 Preset Drum Sets and a User Drum Set with which the player can create a completely new Drum Set to his/her personal tastes using the 192 percussion sounds available. The User Drum Set is also used to remap the drums in the MS5, MS4 and MS3 musical backings. The percussion instruments are divided into 7 separate groups: Bass Drum, Snare, Hi Hat, Cymbal, Toms, Hi Latin and Lo Latin. Each group is provided with independent Volume, Reverb. and Pan Pot controls and can be included or excluded while playing by just conveniently pressing an On/Off key.

In order to satisfy the demands for public and domestic entertainment, the keyboards can be connected to a normal television set by means of the optional VI 1 VIDEO INTERFACE. The screen shows the Song title, the words (which change colour as the Song goes on) and the chord name, which automatically adapts to the new key in the case of a Transposition. It is also possible to exclude the Lead Line (LEAD OFF) and the words (LYRIC OFF) as well as to Transpose only the MIDI Song, leaving the keyboard in the standard tuning. A perfect balance between the backing and the part played live (RIGHT) can be obtained by attenuating the overall volume of the backing by means of the Drums -/+ Volume keys.

The Song can be edited by all the General MIDI parameters provided in the keyboards (Volume, Program Change, Effects, Shift, Pan Pot, MIDI Channel) the variations of which can be memorized in a Registration. While playing a MIDI Song it is possible to book the next one by means of the NEXT function and a Chain of Songs can also be programmed with a maximum of 32 Songs for non-stop live performances.

The Programs are combinations of 2 or more keyboard voices (max. 4), of which the Volume, Chorus, Reverb., Octave Shift, Detune, Pan Pot and Sustain On/Off parameters can be separately controlled. Particularly rich and interesting effects are obtained when the voices are superimposed in the various keyboard areas using the PATCH mode or dynamically controlled by the keyboard with the VELOCITY SWITCH function. DUET and TRIO harmonizing effects, as well as the possibility to restore the original Programs (RELOAD), are also provided. With the keyboard split into two, some Program voices can be assigned to the Arranger section (backing effects for example) and others to the Solo section by means of the 4 programmable split zones.

The General MIDI Standard with 16 MIDI parts and 16 separate MIDI channels are used for both instruments. All the sounds have an 88 note range with 28 note Global Polyphony.

The MS60 and MS50 are complete with 99 INTERNAL STYLES, each of which is made up of 4 Arrangements, 2 Intros, 2 Endings and 3 Fill Ins. It is possible to change the single Arranger parts (Bass, Chord 1, Chord 2 and Chord 3), modify the Program Change and Volume or play the parts manually on the keyboard in the MANUAL mode. Furthermore by means of the DYNAMIC ARRANGER and RETRIGGER functions it is possible personalize the feeling of your playing. The Bass is provided with some important features such as the Bass to Lowest and Sustain functions and an optional MIDI Pedalboard is available for those who want to use the keyboard for organ style playing. An exclusive feature of the Arranger is that the Accompaniment parts follow the key variations respecting the harmonic rules, adapting the intervals according to a sophisticated musical logic, instead of just simply transposing a previously memorized sequence.

This very useful feature enables any harmony to be played on the keyboard with two hands, just as on a piano, with the Automatic Accompaniment following exactly what is played. The effect is obtained by pressing the optional Sustain Pedal immediately after having formed the first chord on the keyboard. The Arrangement is then maintained in the memory for as long as the pedal is pressed.

The keyboards incorporate a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that produces various effects such as Reverb., Chorus, Rotor, Delay, and Echo Repeat. The amount of effect can be varied separately in all sections of the instrument and can be memorized in a Registration.

The internal memory contains 24 locations into which Styles and Patterns can be programmed. Each Pattern can be programmed exactly as an internal style, with 4 Arrangements, 2 Intros, 2 Endings and 3 Fill Ins in Major, Minor and Seventh keys. It is also possible to copy any Style or part of a Style into a Pattern with a view to modifying the Sounds, Volumes, Effects, Pan Pot or Tempo. The Patterns can easily be saved or loaded to or from Disk either individually or in groups (Pattern Chains). A protection function called LOCK is also provided, to safeguard against unwanted cancellation of Styles already in the memory when loading new ones from the Disk.

It is possible to play any piece of music in Real Time on the keyboard and record it directly on Disk. The Song can be composed of a maximum of 9 MIDI parts (5 Arranger parts and 4 Program parts) and records all the changes made on the control panel of the keyboard, including the Volumes, the Tempo, the Style, the Voices etc. When the Song is played back, it is possible to play with the recorded sequence using any of the 256 voices available.

The MS60 incorporates an excellent2 x 22 Watt RMS internal Two way amplification system with Bass- Midrange and Tweeter speakers. The 2 integrated speaker enclosures provide perfect Hi-Fi response over the entire frequency range and a considerably efficient sound reproduction. The internal speakers can be excluded by means of the Speaker On/Off switch.

64 Registrations can programmed in which it is possible to memorize the major part of the Edit functions provided, as well as the control panel settings. It is also possible to memorize the situation of the 16 MIDI parts of a General MIDI Standard Song in a Registration, enabling a complete reconstruction. Each time the Song is recalled from Disk the corresponding Registration with the new value settings is also activated.

In addition to the excellent internal sound generation, the keyboard can also load all the PCM Voices of the SOLTON Disk Library into the internal memory: Orchestral Voices, Special Effects, Ethnic Instruments or Drum Grooves. This prerogative opens up the keyboards to continuous innovation and sound improvement, thereby obviating the natural obsolescence normally associated with electronic keyboard instruments. The new PCM VOICES or DRUM GROOVES can also be loaded in the MULTITASK mode, that is while playing on the keyboard.

These are special disks in the SOLTON Library that contain PCM Rhythm Grooves coupled to a Style. Thanks to a special control function (SYNGROOVE), the PCM Grooves automatically synchronize with the internal Tempo and with the various Accompaniment sections. In this manner Styles with a particularly penetrating rhythm are obtained, ideal for contemporary dance music.

The keyboard is provided with 4 separate output sockets to which the player can assign any section of the instrument (Solo, Bass, Rhythm etc.) or even a single percussion section (Bass Drum, Snare Drum, etc.). This characteristic is of prime importance to those who use the keyboard in live performances or in recording studios, as it enables the equalization or effects patching of single sections of the instrument, excluding the internal effects.

The new, continuously expanding, SOLTON Disk Library for the MS60/MS50 comprises: MIDI SONGS (Words & Music ), MIDI INSTRUMENTALS STYLES GROOVES & STYLES PCM VOICES. The Disk Library created for use with the MS5, MS4 and MS3 keyboards in conjunction with the FD 1 Disk Drive, is completely compatible with the new MS60 and MS50 models.

The following accessories are available for the MS60/MS50:

  • Volume Pedal
  • Piano type Sustain Pedal
  • Sustain Pedal
  • MIDI Pedalboard
  • FS 6 Footswitch (6 switches)
  • FS 13 Footswitch (13 switches)
  • VI 1 Video Interface


  • Type: Synth/ Drum-machine/ Workstation/ keyboard/
  • Synthesis Type: Digital Analog Accoustic simulation Multi-synthesis (FM, Additive and Subtractive). with 06 MB of ROM
  • Polyphony:Multi-timbral (number of parts): 16
    • Max: 28
    • Typical in use: 15
  • Controllers: 05
  • Effects:
    • Number of FX units: 2
    • Number of different effects: 05
  • Drum Section:
    • Number of Drum Kits: 11
    • Number of Drum sounds: 99
  • Keyboard:
    • Number of Keys: 61
    • Can send on 16 simultaneous MIDI channels
    • Responds to: velocity, after-touch
    • Sounds can be split by: velocity, keyboard
  • Inputs and Outputs:
    • Number of Audio Outs (excluding Phones): 04
    • Number of Audio Ins: 00
    • Number of MIDI Outs (excluding Thru): 01
    • Number of MIDI Ins: 02
Condição do Produto
Garantia :
3 Meses
Ítens Inclusos:
  • Pedal
16 (kg)
12 (cm)
108 (cm)
36 (cm)
Teclas Digital
Capacidade Multitimbral :
Conexão USB para Computador:
Conexão USB para Pendrive:
Dual voice:
Entrada pra Microfone / Instrumentos:
Expansive Ritmos:
Expansivel Timbres:
Leitura de Sampler:
Potência dos auto falantes:
2 x 22Watts
Quantidade de Ritmos:
Quantidade de Timbres:
Saída de áudio:
Somente Fone
Teclas Sensitive:
Tela / Display:
Vocal Harmonico :
Número de Teclas:
61 Teclas
Reprodução de audio Mid / Wav / MP3:
  • MID
Gravação Mid / Wav / MP3:
  • MID

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